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much later...hhmm...familiar scene nihh
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much later hhmm

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Wednesday, 19-Aug-2009 12:00
...jengok d Orient jap...Day 6 : HK- Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HK
Today is d 2nd n last day for us to be on Mainland China. I opted to join d morning walk-about to see d Old City of Guangzhou with d organiser while d rest of d M'sian 'delegates' gave it a miss. We cheq out afterwards n boarded d bus back to HK but not before visiting various stop points to learn more about d development of Guangzhou.

During our morning walk-about, one of d attractions was this old opera house. This used to be d premier house in its heyday n one of d most notable names include d father of Bruce Lee himself. BTW, d above foto was snapped by d organiser...thats y I am in d foto along with my camera pinjam...

If u have watched d many documentaries on China, u would be bound to come across a patriotically proud poster such as this. One thing though...all of these posters looks like to come from d same template...radiant red cheeks n red lips...may be they have a school for this

d walking tour also observed d tremendous pressure for development within d Old City...seems that d modern hi-rises r ready to swallow d old buildings along d tree-lined streets. After d walk-about, we hopped onto d bus n headed for a briefing at...

...Guangzhou Urban Planning Bureau. N it even has its own paper cup...hhmm

d briefing was delivered by senior officials of d bureau. Basically there r a lot of redevelopment taking place there...including relocating many old n established settlements

...this is d newer portion of Guangzhou...with wide boulevards n hi rises under contruction almost in every corner

We also stop by n d new CBD [central business district for d non-planner...]. Wahh...luxurious jugak these gov't officials...polis pun boleh pakai d latest Odyssey...fully black-out tint pulak tuh...

n part of d redevelopment is d construction of this 610-metre Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower. This is to be completed prior to d Asian 2010 Games to be held here. This tower was a minority bcoz it is said to be designed based on female form...hhmm...meaning that most of d towers in d world are male form. More info on this can be found at http://www.e-architect.co.uk/guangzhou/guangzhou_tv_tower.htm

Our next stop was Guangzhou Hyatt for lunch. D restaurant was quite high n offers a panoramic view of d surrounding area...such as d above lego-like Children Hospital

n more development here...this will form a central axis for Guangzhou's new CBD...n very likely that d old settlements on d distant right will make way soon

ok...enough about demolition n redevelopment...its makan time n we r in for a treat as unlike yesterday's dinner, d dishes for our lunch r seafood/vegetarian n definitely pork-free...

...looking yummy indeed...rite!! N this was just one of d courses...

as with other Hyatt...d place was very well-equipped n well-staff I guess

after recharging our tummies, our journey continues...n saw this structure that looks like a ultra modern fast boat by d river side. This actually is d Guangzhou Science Hall

in addition, we also got a peek into Guangzhou's Mega-University City. Why mega u ask...bcoz there r 10 universities located next to each other at this corner of d city. Personally...I think that is too much 'planning'...hihi...

...the above is 1 of d universities...n there r not much differences design-wise. But at least they do share some common facilities such as stadium n etc...n they don't have to travel far for any inter-Univ tournament agaknye...

our next agenda is a visit to d port...which is an important business for Guangzhou. On d way there we journeyed thru many networks of rivers n waterways with colorful houses lining along them...

...n hectares n hectares of agricultural land with white houses [possibly to cool down d interior]. It can be observed that many still opt for d manual method as not much mechanisation can be witnessed on d agri land.

n here we r listening attentively to d briefing by an official from d Guangzhou Port of Nansha. This is one of d major ports for China...n he added that more areas will be reclaimed n turned to shipping ports to meet future demands

If u think that our tour ends here...u r wrong of course. Our next activity is to see d inside of a Toyota assembly plant. On d way there, some attempts to secure energy from renewable resources can be found...such as these wind + solar power collector...to complement d high-voltage power cable in d background needed to churn d city's various industrial activities

this guy probably think that he is renewable...that y he elected to be helmet-free

n our final tour for d day...to see how a Toyota is assembled...Guangzhou-style

at last we r on d way to balik kampung to HK...

but encountered some western-style congestion on d hiway...

...n reached d CIQ about 2 hours later. They mayb didn't have d auto spell-checker turned on while designing this signage...or versi lanun punye kott

ok...get d documents ready

this is a actual border separating China's Shenzhen n Hong Kong within d CIQ. U can see that it is not broken lines as u usually see in any map depicting border between countries...huhu

hahh...lega...oredi on d HK's side with d imposing CIQ structure to be left behind

interesting to note that only vehicles with 2 registrations...such as d above...can operate in both HK n d other side of d border. HK's plate is d white one

while on d bus n travelling on a long bridge...managed to capture our final HK sunset...as we r leaving for Tanah Air tomorrow afternoon

N as u may have suspected...we didn't make way to our hotel immedaitely. We disembarked from d bus n say our goodbyes to d rest of d delegates at a Kowloon Terminal station...next find ourselves [d M'sian delegates] d 1st available taxi...as we need to revisit Mongkok

n from d look on these faces...u simply know that business has resumed as per normal...it is nyopping time!! This is another type of reclamation if u want to know...bcoz there were simply no opportunity to carry out this 'local economic generating' activity while we were on d Mainland. So...kira justified la tuhh....

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